Mission Statement

The mission of Old Ship African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is to be an instrument of liberation for humanity through the salvation of Jesus Christ. It is the mission of Old Ship to empower God’s people through the preaching, teaching, and demonstrating of God’s word in the various ministries of the church, in order that we may continue to grow in the knowledge, love, and understanding of God, ourselves, and our neighbors as well as meeting the holistic (physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual) needs of God’s people and the world.

  • Chairman, Board of Stewards: Attorney Courtney W. Tarver
  • Chairman, Board of Trustees: Attorney Juraldine Battle Hodge
  • Church Treasurer: Dr. George G. Thomas
  • Leader of Leaders: Dr. Kathy Dunn Jackson
  • Associate Minister/Quarterly Conference Secretary: Rev. Maria Thomas
  • Membership Secretary: Mrs. Quintello Smith
  • Poor Steward: Mr. Joseph D. Trimble I
  • Minister of Music: Mr. Darrian Stovall
  • Director of Christian Education:  Mr.Edmund R. Moore
  • President, WH&OM Society: Mrs. Carolyn Thomas
  • Superintendent, Church School: Dr. Jacqueline Allen Trimble
  • Sexton: Mr. Noland Satchell